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Heavy Duty Pit/Smokers


Heavy Duty Pit/Smokers


 Juspits    heavy duty pits are 3/8' thick cook chamber with either a 3/8' or 1/4" thick firebox.

They are  perfect for your everyday grilling.
Our pits are made to last many years of BBQing.

Juspits  uses  20"  diameter  pipe for

the cook chamber with a 20" x 20" firebox.

Every pit comes with 2 sets of pull out racks,

bottom wood rack, and front expanded metal shelf.

All of Juspits comes with 2 color finishes and 5" castors.

All of our pits are customizable including insulated options.

Go to Order Your Dream Pit page to get

 started on your new  pit and see all the additional sizes available.

Prices Starting at $1500.00

Insulated Firebox - $550.00

Direct Cooktop - $250.00

Big Tire kit Available.

Custom BBQ Pits and Smokers
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