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Custom BBQ Pit Smoker Combo

Custom BBQ Smoker / San Leon / Juspits
Custom BBQ Pits / San Leon / Juspits

Pit/Smoker Combo      

Juspits pit/smoker combo is our elite piece of bbq hardware for all the pitmasters that want to take their grilling to the next level.

Our pit/smoker combo is the perfect combination for grilling the perfect steak or smoking competition ribs.

Our base model comes with  one removable rack and

the smoker comes with three removable racks.

 Our offset firebox can be fabricated

with or without a direct fire cooking rack. 

Additional racks can be added for an additional fee.


This model can be mounted to a trailer ,

so if you need to be able to transport it.


Check out Juspits Trailer Pits.

All of Juspits come with 2 color finishes

and  5" castors.

 Also all of our pits are customizable.

Go to Order Your Dream Pit page to get started on your new pit/smoker combo and see all the additional sizes available.

Base Models Start as Low as $1800.00.

Insulated Firebox - $550.00

Direct Cooktop Grill -$250.00

Big Tire Setup Available

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