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Cabinet Smokers

Custom BBQ Smoker
Custom Smokers

Vertical Competition Smokers             

Juspits Smokers are  our competition

specialty  piece of bbq hardware.

This smoker has won  First Place at several

of our customers competitions.

 They have  been very pleased with it's performance, transporting convenience, and look.


The smoker picture to the left is the

competition size we build.

  It comes with three removable racks.

The fire box has a transition piece between it and the smoker.  This allows the smoker to get all of the smoke without any of the fire reaching the racks.

This design has been proven to produce the right amount of heat and smoke to win that next competition.

We had some requests for a smaller version of this smoker for the Pitmaster at home. 

So, we took that same look and performance

back to the design process.

Resized it to support the home Pitmaster  that might

not need such a big smoker on a daily basis.

Juspits now offers a proven competitor for home use.

The blue smoker to the left is our home version.

So go to our 

Order Your Dream Pit

page  to see all of the sizes available for this

Hi-performance smoker.

All of Juspits pits/smokers come with

2 Color Finishes

and 5" castors.

 All of our pits are customizable.

Go to Order Your Dream Pit page to get started

on your new Smoker.

Prices as low as $1600.00.

Custom Competition Smoker
Custom Smokers
Juspits Home Page
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