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3/16" Smokers


Pit/Smoker Combo      

Juspits  3/16" smokers are our affordable piece of bbq hardware for all the pitmasters that want to take their grilling to the next level without having to buy a new one every 2 years..

These pits are 3/16' thick which

will last for many years to come.

Our base model comes with  two removable racks.

 Our offset firebox can be fabricated

with or without a direct fire cooking rack. 

Firebox can also be insulated.

All of Juspits come with 2 color finishes

and  5" castors.

 Also all of our pits are customizable.

Go to Order Your Dream Pit page to get started on your new pit/smoker combo and see all the additional sizes available.

Base Models Start as Low as $800.00.

Insulated Firebox - $550.00

Direct Cooktop - $250.00

Big Tire kit Available.

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