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Custom Pit Shipping

Shipping Options

Juspits is based in Galveston County, Texas.  

 This location will be the starting point for all of the shipping options.

Juspits utilizes every opportunity we can to reduce costs for our customers.

Shipping is one of those opportunities.

We offer a variety of options to ship all of our 

pits/smokers all over the country at a reasonable cost.


The options available are as follows:

Juspits will deliver  All of our Pits and Smokers to

any address within 100 miles of Galveston County, Texas.

Small Fee applied.

Juspits will drive halfway to meet you and deliver your Pit/Smoker 

if your address is within 200 miles of Galveston County, Texas.

Small Fee applied.

Beyond 200 miles is when shipping will have to be charged.

The size and weight of most of our pits/smokers

will require a freight service to be used in most cases.

The common issue with most freight companies is the delivery itself.

They require larger shipments to be unloaded at a location they can

back the truck up to a dock or unload the package with a forklift.

Juspits can help with all shipping issues to make it as easy as possible

to receive your new pit/smoker. Any questions you have about delivery locations

or charges associated with freight delivery.

Contact us and we will be happy to work out all the details with you.


 Check out our Custom Models and get started Today.

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