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Custom BBQ Pits and Smoker Pics

Take a look around our gallery and see if there is

anything you might be interested in building for yourself.

Juspits has fabricated all of these pit/smokers over the years.

Some of them are specifically designed for one customer and

some are from our production line of handmade pit/smokers.

Pits are our passion and that is why you see alot of different stlyes.

We strive to fabricate pits that fit your needs because

every Pitmaster has a different way of doing things.

The differences these pitmasters bring to the design

process helps us get better for everyone.

Combining Pitmaster experience with fabricator

experience creates designs that exceed our expectations sometimes. 

So take a look around and contact us

when you're ready to add you dream pit to our picture gallery.

Custom 5' Smoker
Custom BBQ Trailer

5" Pit/Smoker Trailer

Custom BBQ Smoker
Custom BBQ Smoker
Custom Barrel Smoker
Custom Barrel Smoker

Barrel Pit

Repair Work / San Leon / Juspits

Oklahoma Joe Replacement Firebox

Custom  Flattop BBQ  Grill

Flat Top Grill

Custom SS Barrel Smoker

Stainless Steel Barrel Cooker

Juspits Pit/Smoker Combo

32" Pit/Smoker Combo

Custom Pit/Smoker Combo

48" Pit/Smoker Combo

Custom Pit/Smoker / San Leon / Juspits

32" Pit/Smoker Combo

Custom  Stick Burner
Stainless Steel Smoker

Stainless Steel Stick Burner

Custom Firebox Smoker

Patio Stick Burner with firebox shelf for direct fire cooking.

Custom Themed Pit/Smoker Combo / San Leon / Juspits

48" Themed Pit/Smoker Combo

32" Pit/Smoker Combo

Custom Pit / San Leon / Juspits

Patio Smoker

Custom Trailer Pit

48" Trailer Pit

48" Trailer Pit

36" Pit/Smoker Combo

24" Patio Grill

Juspits Logo

Juspits     409-692-1494     San Leon, Texas 77539

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