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Custom BBQ Pit and Smoker
Dealer Opportunity

Juspits is looking for retail locations that are interested in carrying our products.

Juspits offers a profitable and affordable way of
adding revenue to your current business,

The quality of our Pits and Smokers will exceed
your expectations as well as your customers.


Juspits strives to supply quality products at very affordable prices so that a wide portion of your customer base can afford several of our models.

To maintain these affordable prices in today's economy
can be a challenge on a daily basis.  
In order to overcome this challenge,

Juspits needs a steady supply of customers and sales. 

This is where our dealers come in to help achieve this goal.
A strong dealer network gives us the opportunity to
hand make each and every Pit and Smoker
on a scale that is similar to mass production.

Juspits not only makes it affordable for the customer
but with our payment process for our dealers.
We make it easy to carry our products without tying up a
large sum of money to have our products sitting
in your store or storefront.


So let us show you how we can create a profitable relationship

for years to come.


Call or text me personally to discuss this

money making opportunity. 

Jeff Caudill / Juspits



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