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Custom Pits and Smokers

Get a Discount on Your New Build.

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Trade-In Program is an opportunity for anyone that wants to upgrade

their BBQ hardware and save a little money.

Trade-ins are for the sole purpose of receiving

 a discount on the purchase of a new build.

Deposit is still 50% of the overall cost of a new build.

Repairs to pits and smokers are different than a trade-in.

In order to do a trade-in, a few requirements need to be followed.

  1. The pit, smoker, or trailer that you desire to trade-in has to have a minimum of 3/16" thick material was used on the original build. We realize there might be some erosion of the metal in various places, but as long as there is a good base metal to work with, then we can still rebuild it for someone else.

  2. There has to be at least 65% of the material on your trade-in that is reusable.

  3. No Gas Grills

  4. If the trade-in is on a trailer and you want to remove your old one to install the new one. The customer will have to pay to remove the old one, Juspits will install the new one as part of the new build. The cost of removing the old one will come off of the discount we give you towards the new one. Trailer pits have to be road worthy according to Texas State Motor Vehicle Laws. Complete trade-in of pit trailers has to include a transferable title for the state of Texas.

  5.  Any trade-ins will become property of Juspits when the deposit is placed on the new build, we will refurbish and sell to another customer.  

  6. Juspits does not buy just a trade-in without the customer purchasing a new build.

Juspits reserves the right to not take a trade-in and will be the sole decision maker on the amount of discount that will be given to the customer towards a new build. Trade-ins will be handled and decided on for each individual customer. Each customer trade-in will be valued by a Juspits representative with current metal prices dictating the overall value of the discount to be given.

So if you been waiting on that new pit, smoker, or trailer build because you could not decide what to do with your old one. Wait no more, come trade it in and get a shiny new build with us and help someone else enjoy your refurbished old one.

Get a discount and help a future Pitmaster.

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