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Juspits  has a variety of standard custom models that we use as

the base for your handmade one off custom pit/smoker.

Beginning with the model that fits your needs,

we outfit it with the options and colors that will complete the pit/smoker of your dreams.

All of Juspits BBQ Hardware is handmade from the ground up .

Take a look at our 

page to get the details.

So take a look around at the models we build,

and let your mind wander with ideas you have to build the perfect pit/smoker.

Juspits knows with our expertise and your ideas,

we can fabricate the kind of BBQ hardware that

can make you the proud owner of a Juspits Pit or Smoker.


Then let the bragging begin...


3/16" Thick Smokers

Pit/Smoker Combo


Trailer Smokers

Theme Pits

Juspits Patio Grills
Juspits Pit/Smoker Combo
Juspits Smokers
Juspits Trailer Smokers
Custom Theme Pit and Smokers
Juspits Home Page



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