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Custom BBQ Pits and Smokers

Juspits builds custom Pits and Smoker.

Each pit is hand built in sunny San Leon, Texas.

Designs we use stand the test of time and have years of experience built into each model.

We keep things simple because that is what BBQ is supposed to be, simple.

Our pits are easy to operate as well as maintain. build your fire, set your dampers to reach your desired temp, sit back and enjoy the experience.

Quality Pits and Smokers.

Juspits would like to introduce you to our

line of Custom BBQ Pits and Smokers.


From everyday cookers to competition smokers.

Juspits creates Custom Pits, Grills, Trailer Pits, and Smokers from

beginning to end. Each piece is made by hand by experienced craftsmen who have been welding and fabricating for over 30 years.

We have our own designs or we can use a design you would like to create.

Builds are unique for every person so we

understand what it takes to turn the idea into your final dream pit.
With over 150 builds under our belt, we know how to help you create

the pit or smoker to fit your exact needs.

Juspits also stands behind every pit we build.

Every pit/smoker we build is warranted for 2 years

So take a few minutes and browse the various models we offer.

Pit/Smoker Combo

Heavy Duty Smokers

Cabinet Smokers

3/16" Thick Smokers

Trailer Smokers

Don't see something you like but have an idea,

contact us, we are a full fabrication shop.

We can discuss your build and build the pit of your dreams.

Juspits pit/smoker combo
Juspits cabinet smoker
juspits custom trailer pits
BBQ Pits

Text Us Your Order.

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